The Growth of the Scale Lifestyle in 2017 by Randy Williams

ScalerFab Veteran Team Driver Randy Williams shares his thoughts and opinions on the growth of the ScalerFab Lifestyle in 2017 thus far!


I'm sitting here not feeling all to well thinking and it occurred to me recently how big our hobby is getting. It's had its growing pains, bumps, and bruises along the way. However, it's steadily growing. Scale off roading is a thing. It has been for some time, it's really taking huge strides right now and it's a wonderful time to be involved.

In the past year we have seen several new scale RCs being brought to life.

We have had Axial drop the SCX10II which seemingly embodied years of end user modifications and tinkering brought to life in a ready to run package.

RC4WD has been busy with their new rigs. The LWB TF2 and I just saw today they are offering the TF2 with Killerbodies LC70 body.

Traxxas shocked most everyone with their prototype, and knowing from personal experience what kind of abuse the Slash will handle this truck looks like a winner. The selectable lockers, two speed transmission, and all just makes me wonder what this thing will be capable of.

HPI Venture FJ Cruiser is still out there. I really wish this one had hit the shelves prior to the SCX10II. I think it could have seen a massive demand right off. With all the other new trucks out there now, I think the longer it's held back the less of a following it will receive. It looks amazing though. The detail is awesome and I think it will fill a niche of smaller chassis that seemingly gets left out.

Which brings me to MST. MST is making noise with the CFX-W chassis. It's smaller wheelbase also makes it a great contender for the Suzuki lovers or AMC Gremlin off road rig.

Just thinking about all the new rigs that are out there to choose from can make a person dizzy. The point I'm trying to make is, there's a lot going on in this hobby and that means it's growing. There's something out there for everybody that wants to get into RC Crawlers. Also, there is a whole lot of accessories to be made for each. Everyone is going to be as busy as they want to be building, designing, and sourcing materials. It's exciting to witness this many releases and the accoutrements that proceed.

All of this helps us. It creates competition which is a good thing. I know I read somewhere that competition drives innovation. Maybe I saw it on tv or something, I didn't come up with that myself I'm sure. It also lowers the cost and provides more options for us. With each new rc that hits the market there will be new parts from our beloved crackdealers of aftermarket parts. More people notice what it is that we see in tiny trucks, and the more that get started in the hobby, the more we see other companies wanting to get in on the action. In the end the hobby grows.

The only thing that bothers me about this growth is the fact that my kid will have to get a scholarship for college. Cause his college fund will be sporting #Scalerfab trail armor and powered by a lithium Polymer battery. What an awesome time to drive tiny trucks.


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