RC4WD Indian River Goonies RECON G6

This Recon G6 caught ScalerFab Team Driver Oliver Barber "Hook, Line, and sinker"

Event Recap

 RC4WD Indian River Goonies RECON G6

Oliver Barber - 7/10/17

                       Unfortunately, I missed this event the previous two years that it occurred, but this year I finally had free time while it was taking place. It was the 1st “official’ G6 event that I’ve taken part in (although I have done a number of g6-style events in the past), and it definitely lived up to the hype!

There was some rain the week leading up to the event weekend and the night before, but the weather on the day of the actual event was pretty great. I arrived at the campground that it was held at on Friday afternoon, and ended up helping to build 400 gate markers for the next day. The same evening, the Terracross race took place, which looked like a lot of fun.

Saturday morning, the event began. After signup finished, there was a special “float your rig” challenge using homemade rafts on a nearby river; there were a huge variety of both powered and unpowered boats, and even though a couple trucks slipped into the water (and were recovered safely) a lot of fun was had!

The main event consisted of four stages; three with 100 gates, and one shorter 50-gate stage near the above-mentioned river. Driving took place from about 10am to 6pm, although a very quick driver could probably have finished in a couple of hours. After each stage, there was a special “driver challenge”. These consisted of a variety of activities; a couple main ones being trying to hit a RC4WD banner with a weighted fishing line, and rolling a large dice to do one of five random activities (driving a few gates backwards, shouting a slogan, etc.).

I ran through all stages without incident until the final one, where I ran into a rock so hard that I de-beaded a front tire. This was pretty easily fixed though, and my ScalerFab bumpers and sliders were nonplussed by the impact.

Overall the courses were not too difficult, with some fun, more challenging sections (as you’d expect from a G6) that provided a good amount of variety; some were just technical driving, whereas with others, a winch and my ScaleFab land anchor came in very handy. The raffle and prizes started at 7pm once everyone had finished driving and had time for a break; prizes were awarded for 1.55, 1.9, 2.2, GCM Tiny Truck (full interior + small tires), and Trials Truck (6x6) classes.

Ultimately, it was an extremely fun event, and a great introduction to G6’s for me. I’ll definitely be back next year, and am already planning on some builds specifically for the 2018 event (including a 6x6, hopefully).

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