ScalerFab Sponsored Event Update w/ NWI TTC

NWI TTC Season is in Full Swing with the ScalerFab presents the Axial 2017 NWI TTC points series

So far this year is off to a great start. On February 12th we held our 2017 Season Opener (the first of 9 sanctioned events this year). The turn out was great and so was the weather, that is for a Northern Indiana day in the middle of February. We had over 60 people and 80 trucks entered plus spectators! We even had 6 kids in our FREE kids class, these kids even went home with something to help further their understanding and enjoyment of the hobby (a tower hobbies gift cert!). We held 2 trail courses per class and a challenge, for the lower 4 classes the challenge was an RTI ramp and Sled Pull. For Overkill the challenge was an timed 5 lap run around the u4 track in which they could not rollover. We gave prizes out to the top 4 finishers in all 5 classes, winners were also posted on Facebook and our website. We also had a raffle in which we gave out 6 prize packages, each package was different and included at least 1 of the following products given out: Castle SW3, Castle B.E.C. 2.0, Castle Field Link, Proline banner, Proline Gift Cert, Tower Hobbies Gift Cert, Futaba 4pls, and an RC Fun Park $100 gift card. In addition to all of that we also held a surprise drawing that all TRUCKS Entered had a chance of winning, that prize was an Trail Armor Package voucher from ScalerFab. Everyone had a great time at the opener and there were smiles to be seen all around all day.
After the 2017 Season Opener we had a little time to breath but not much as we decided to hook up the trailer and make the trek from Chicago IL. to Ocala FL. for the King Of Florida T.T.C. This was a great trip that included my wife, daughter, and 2 friends and members of the NWI TTC family. The trip was 2100 miles round trip which gave our trailer t(hat is covered in the logos of our 2017 sponsors) 40 hours of highway drive time throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. We did stop and enjoy some rest areas along the way and even got a few pics of the trailer in front of some state signs!
Coming up we have a few plans which include; this Friday's Crown Point Indiana St. Patty's Day Parade, April 2nd our next points series event, and April 7th-9th the Missouri Recon G6 in which the trailer will also travel to.
In closing I would like to thank you again for all your support so far this year, which is far from over, and without which we would not be able to grow, promote, and enrich this hobby that is also a lifestyle for many!
Thank you AGAIN!!!!
Matt Brauer

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