ScalerFab Sponsored Event Recap by: Veteran Team Driver Steve Crotts - 2017 Summer Shootout Series @ Percy Priest Dam

Veteran ScalerFab Team Driver Steve Crotts shares his event recap from the 2017 Summer Shootout Series @ Percy Priest Dam, a ScalerFab sponsored series!

After a nearly three month layoff from any comps for my local club, January 28th marked the first event of the 2017 season. As with the 2016 season the club's focus is on Class 1 and Class 2 rigs. The club used SORRCA rules and scoring in 2016 but in 2017 they will be following course setup and scoring guidelines according to the SORRCA rulebook for 2017. ScalerFab and RRW Krawl Zone also came on as sponsors for the eight event series this year.

After a mild week temperature wise for the days leading up to this past Saturday, the day itself was chilly with temps in the mid 40’s. The fact the area is on the lake shore made it a touch more chilly than what it would have been if it had been inland. Course building started shortly after 8:00am and two 10 gate courses were built for Class 2.

Turnout was low for this event with only five drivers for Class 2. However, those that decided to stay home, etc. missed two awesome courses for the class. Both courses required you to think ahead before committing to a line or you would find yourself in a tight spot. I got a late start on testing with my Class 2 rig and made my final adjustments a couple days prior to the event. It wasn’t my best driving by far but neither was it my worse. I made a couple of mistakes that cost me some points on each course but I managed to finish 3rd overall. The club only awards points for the year end championship to the top three finishers in each class so I was happy with a podium finish, it all counts at the end of the year. As always, my ScalerFab trail armor was up for each course and scored me some valuable SORRCA points.

After lunch it was time for my favorite class, Class 1. I was happy with my Trail Finder 2’s performance last year so it returned for a second year of duty. The courses were different for this class and Course 1 turned out to be the trickier of the two. There were five gates positioned on one large rock and navigating these gates was dicey, there were plenty of built in reverses if a driver wanted to keep from hitting a gate. My driving was better for this class but it wasn’t without errors. When the dust settled I managed to finish second overall and as I mentioned earlier, podiums is what counts at the end of the year.

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