ScalerFab Team Driver Steve Crotts recounts his runs at the 2017 Summer Shootout Series



This past weekend was the third event for my local club's comp series and it was held at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. The day was rather warm for this time of year with temps close to 90 degrees and it made for a muggy hot type of day but a nice day none the less.

 Class 2 was up first with two 10 gate SORRCA courses. The first gate on Course 1 proved to be tricky and I ended up hitting it while backing up, I thought to myself it’s already going to be one of those days it seems. But I remained focused and ended up with a clean run after that first gate. Course 2 was a little trickier than it looked when we laid down the gates. After a good run on Course 1, I was able to put together another good run on Course 2. While it wasn’t enough for the win, I fell 6 points short, it was good enough for 2nd place and I’ll take that. The comp series consists of 8 events and only the top 3 receive championship points so every point counts in the end.


Class 1 had three 10 gate SORRCA courses and it was time for my trusty TF2 to do some work. I have come to really focus on this class more than Class 2 because I enjoy driving the TF2 so much. It takes picking the right line and driving to navigate a TF2 during a comp IMO. We always find it ironic when we setup courses how much harder they are once you start driving them and Course 1 proved to be that course. It had three gates that appeared to be automatic penalties and they all proved to be just that. I was in contention after Course 1 and that was all that mattered. I was able to put a good run down on Course 2 which put me in the lead and that continued through Course 3. When it was all over I was able to grab my first win in Class 1 after two 2nd place finishes to start out the year. More importantly it put me out front in the championship which is the main goal.


Overall it was a great day with good friends and tiny trucks!



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