Steve Crotts shows again the protection that ScalerFab Trail Armor offers

Durability and sad realization at this - 2017 SUMMER SHOOTOUT SERIES – ROUND #5 event.


The 5th event of my local club's comp series was held this past weekend and it was a competitive event. The weather was perfect with mild temps in the 80’s and sunny. The location for this event is held on private property in a creek bed. The creek is active so it has pockets of deep water but offers awesome terrain.


Class 2 was up first and consisted of three 10 gate courses, the first course being the most challenging due to the ledges in the creek bed.  Course 1 would bite me right out of the gate, I took a tumble off the ledge and ended up with a re-position plus a couple gates, so my score on this course was not close to the top. Luckily my ScalerFab armor did its job and the rig didn’t suffer any damage.  I was able to rebound on the next two courses and have competitive scores but with the caliber of drivers we had at this event, it wasn’t enough. I ended up finishing 6th and of 8 drivers.  Something I have come to realize during the course of the season is that my Class 2 rig has become outdated. I built it two years ago and primarily for G6 or Endurance type events and have not done much updating. The new generation of comp chassis such as Toyzuki appears to be the winning combination currently.


Class 1 which has become my favorite class was up next. We ended up utilizing the Class 2 courses with some mild tweaks for Class 1 and it made for a very competitive class among the 8 drivers.  Once again Course 1 would get me with a tumble of the ledge. I drove the course clean with no gates but incurred a couple reposition penalties due to rolls off the ledge.  There was a crevice on Course 2 that sucked me in but I was able to winch out and finish the course without hitting any gates. Other than some reverses on Course 3, I had a clean run. When the scores were completed I was able to rebound for a 3rd place finish and with that kept me in a tie for 1st place in the championship.

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