Steve McColly explains why maintenance is key!

Keeping up on maintenance with ScalerFab Team Driver Steve McColly.

Keeping up on RC maintenance is crucial to your vehicle's performance. Whether that be a trail truck, a go fast, or a boat.
I myself have fallen prey to this recently. My son took his SCX10 out in the rain and didn't bother to say anything and didn't play with it again for 2 months.
He finally decided to take it out and play with it one day and came up to me and said dad my motor is heating up after only half a pack. So we decided to take it out to the shop to pull the body off and see what was going on.
Well on first inspection it was pretty clear to me I was seeing rust on the stock dog bones then I started noticing the smaller things like the screws being all rusty. Well finally I'm tearing the axles apart and replacing the wheel bearings. Now it is back up and running again.
I guess the moral of the story is if only a few minutes would have been taken we would have used the shop air compressor to blow everything off so it was clean and dry and then use some oil on the bearing and all the crucial metal parts to help with rust.
So if you play out in the elements or you play hard make sure to check your vehicle out as often as you can or get into a routine.

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