Steve McColly's recount of disaster and reward.

Evergreen Scale Nationals 2017 was the site of this story of carnage and prizes.

It was time to pack up the family and head to Entiat, Washington for the 2017 Evergreen Scale Nationals. This would be my first scale National event so I made sure to go over my Class 1 and Class 2 trucks three or four times to make sure everything was in order.

After packing up the truck and making the six-hour drive we had made it to Wenatchee which was where our Motel was. The next day it was only a half hour drive to get to the location and after the drivers meeting and Tech inspection it was go time.

I started out on stage one for Class 1 behind about 10 other drivers and after watching some very skilled drivers not complete the course my nerves were a little on edge. Now it was time for me to start my run 10 Gates in 6 minutes my TF2 ScalerFab Peterbilt was performing well, but still wasn't good enough to finish the course in time.

As I made my way over to course 2, I notice that my truck started having steering issues. This made me aware that my Servo was having some not-so-great sounds coming out of it and that ended my day for class 1.

The next day I made my way back out to the event for the Class 2 courses. After another check in and drivers meeting it was time to hit the stages.

I started on course one for Class 2 again my truck was performing fairly well until I got to gate 6. RC failure had happened in what I thought was almost a bomb-proof transmission. I ended up stripping out a steel idler gear with my brushed 35 turn motor, which I was not happy about and had ended my day early again.

Later on that evening we had the award ceremony and raffle where I ended up taking home a new 3D printed engine and a new Servo winch..

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