Steve Mccolly and the great times at the five0threeRC shootout

 Five0threeRC NW scale shootout described by Team Driver Steve Mccolly

My buddy Philip Basey and myself have a small little group we like to call five0threeRC. We put on local events here in Oregon, for the scale community, for a few years now.

The NW scale shootout is the start of what will become a local series hosted at different venues here in Oregon. The start of the day began with Trail setup. Three courses with 30 Gates each, one course for each wheel size 1.55 1.9 and 2.2 with an optional bonus gate.

After getting the course set up and seeing some new people and some old friendly ones it was time for a quick driver meeting. After going over the basic rules and answering few questions it was time for everybody to hit the trails.

Some people hit the trails immediately While others waited for the trails to clear up a little bit. 30+ drivers eventually hit the trails and had a blast. The courses are not timed so you can finish them at your own pace. Our main focus is for everybody to have fun, in fact it's one of our rules you must have

All the drivers did very well with only a couple trucks breaking "because RC happens" right! But with that being said all we got was positive reviews and everybody saying they had a ball which we love hearing.

Thank you to everybody that came out we look forward to seeing you again...

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