ScalerFab Team Driver Steve Studstill recaps the GA RC RockStars Comp.

Team Driver Steve Studstill spills all about Drag Racing on the Hill the April 2nd 2017 GA RC RockStars event recap:


Drag racing on the hill!
Two by two we lined up to see who made it up first! The hill was 50° and higher with 75 feet of track. Class 1 was the hardest. The little 1.55 tires just couldn't grip as the dirt was flying! Finishing third in class 1 still not bad for first class.

Class 2 was full with 3 rounds of racing. My truck with a Hill Killer Chassis had no problems. 3 rounds of racing we battled! Finishing first we took home the win!

Class 3 we raced the current champion and points leader first round. It was a challenge but taking the lead to the top and finishing first in class 3 we did! 3 rounds of racing we finished 1st again.

Two wins and a 3rd not bad I say! Something different and cool I enjoyed every minute! Thank you Scalerfab for the great equipment that keeps me up front!

I would also like to thank Jake Wilkins with GA RC RockStars for hosting this great event!

Back on the rocks next weekend we head to Little Rock City in Alabama.

See you soon!

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