Steve Studstill make it into the running for the 2017 SE Shootout Championship thanks to his run here.

Rain delays, sticks, and carnage help played a factor in deciding who won here.

6/4/2017 ESCC Finals Recap 

Stone Mountain Georgia 
Class 2 was small today. Rain moving in shorten the 1st of 2 events. First course had bad luck with a stick that just thought it would tag along. After turning my truck over the front axle spun the C hub. Took the repair and finished third. Finishing the season with an overall fourth place finish. However I did advance into the 2017 SE Shootout championship in October. 
After a two hour rain delay Class 1 would start. Going into today's event we were second in points and 6 points behind. Even with a win only 5 points are had. So we drove the wheels off the truck for the Class 1 win on this day. 
Congratulating to all the winners and the top seven who are now qualified for the 2017 SE shootout championship. 
Thank you Scalerfab for all the support in this series and thank you Classi Cut Customs for two awesome working rigs! 

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