Tangerine Toyota

My Trail Finder 2 came to me as a new-to-me, used truck that I got in a trade. It's the first leaf spring truck that I have had . I've
owned scx10's, so I was excited to dive into more of the scale world.

The first thing to do was to ditch the two-speed transmission in favor of a single speed because I did not like all the slop that I was getting from the to 2-speed which is a problem with the TF2 to speeds.

Next was to get rid of the front bumper that was on the truck and replace it with a front bumper that I had from ScalerFab for my SCX10 Bronco that I used at axialfest for two years and it's still great condition. so I decided to make a couple of brackets and mount that to the front of the truck after trimming the body a little bit it fit perfect.


After getting the bumper to fit it was time to replace the old tires and wheels that were worn out with some wheels from eBay and some Pitbull Braven 1.9 tires with some 2-stage foams

Next, it was on to the ScalerFab TF2 Construction Rack and a new PreRunner series TF2 Rear Bumper from scalerfab.com It's really giving the truck the look I was after.


To be continued..... because hey let's face it these tiny trucks are never done!!

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