Oliver Barber shares a Tech Tip: Super Simple Windshields

ScalerFab Team Driver Oliver Barber's Tech Tip: Super Simple Windshields! This inexpensive and easy to do custom modification is a great trick to learn!

 If you're piecing a hardbody together part by part, the windscreen can be overly expensive for what it is, and depending on the body, it may be way too tinted for use with a scale interior. When working with a custom/3d printed body, there may just not be anything available at all.

Luckily, there is an inexpensive, simple solution, in the form of plastic sheets from your local hobby shop. For the purposes of this project, I purchased two K&S 9x12in sheets for 4$, which is potentially enough for at least 4 bodies; definitely not breaking the bank.

To figure out what size you’ll need to cut the plastic to, using a ruler or set of calipers, measure the height needed and the width at the top and bottom of the windshield (as shown above). Add 4mm per side, for a total of 8mm; for example if your bottom measurement is 150mm, you want it to end up as 158mm.

Using a ruler and pencil, trace out a trapezoid with your measurements on the clear plastic sheet. The goal is to have it 4mm bigger all around the windshield frame. Test fit, and trim as necessary to go around any internal bumps in the body. Once you’re happy with the fitment, shoe goo it in place (after paint is best for ease of masking).

Completed product, just mocked up for now as I need to paint the truck.


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