The Beginning: A Flashback story of getting into the Scale Lifestyle. By Team ScalerFab Driver, Cristian Fischer

Do you remember when you got into the Scale Lifestyle? Team ScalerFab Driver Cristian Fischer sure does along with his Family and has shared his memories with us!


How I got into scale R/C

I work from home and would often take trips to our local r/c race track when my son was in school. When it closed, I began to go through a withdrawal, if you will.  So after a few months of no r/c, my neighbor stops by with something that changed my life.  Tom, a major player in 1 to 1 off-roading, strolls by while I’m mowing my yard with a Tamiya copy of his 1 to 1 land cruiser.  It was wicked cool.

When I killed my mower, he drove it straight up the curb and into the grass. Those were all things my stadium trucks would not do.  I went looking for more information and I found a video on youtube for the Axial Deadbolt… I was hooked.  

So being a few months before Christmas, I showed my wife. She shrugged and said “another r/c?” Well, Santa got me a Deadbolt and I started walking to try to lose some weight. Soon, Jr got an Axial Dingo and we started walking as a family, hitting trails and parks around town and we even made it to a Recon G6.

This Christmas, one of my sponsors got wind of a comment my wife made, that she would drive a crawler if it was pink! Well, thanks to Adam Nerby,  my wife now drives and seems to like it. She even picked out a Scalerfab bumper for her pink and white VW bug! Enjoy the quick video of one of our favorite local spots.

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