SCX10 II UMG10 Unimog Low-Profile Full-Size Front Bumper


Low-Profile Full-size Steel, welded front bumper
for the SCX10 II UMG10 Unimog
*Pictures depict optional add-ons. See below for additional mounting instructions.


-190mm wide
- Will not fit a bumper-mounted winch (this rig is specifically built for a servo winch)
- Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.

- Mounts using existing holes in frame - does not mount like stock plastic bumper(s) (Longer hardware recommended- hardware not included- See Optional Bumper Hardware Pack available under Accessories)
***NOTE: Bumper brackets mount between frame and Front Body Post Receiver. - Body posts will need to be spread slightly to mount properly. Also, we recommend using a smaller body clip, as the stock ones will not completely clip due to bracket interference. Alternately, new holes could be drilled in the body posts perpendicular to the stock ones to allow the body clips to be pushed in from the front or back with no interference vs the side.

**For mounting, we recommend removing any plastic cross-members and screwing directly into the frame rails with a nut on the back. For extra tight fit, use a dab of Shoe Goo or E6000 Clear Adhesive between the frame rail and the bracket, and screwing down tight with a nut, and let sit overnight. Recommend hardware mounting kits available at the top of the page as an optional add-on.**