ScalerFab Steel Adjustable, Bolt-On Rock Sliders for Axial Racing SCX10 III Jeep Gladiator

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ScalerFab Steel Adjustable, Bolt- On Rock Sliders Compatible with Axial Racing SCX10III Gladiator 
Steel Frame-mounted Rock Sliders w/ Optional Add-Ons (Shown in pictures) mount directly to the stock location of the plastic skid plate to replace the stock rock sliders. 

Mounting Recommendations:
-Use first hole on front bracket, and second hole on rear bracket to match angled body of the SCX10 III Jeep Gladiator, just like the stock tapered rock sliders.

* 205mm length, adjustable offset.
* Mounts using existing holes in stock skid plate.
* Steel construction - Hand Made/Welded.

**Please Note: Our finish options provide a superficial coating and will scratch/chip under normal use. Pros/cons of each can be found below: -Flat Black: not as susceptible to chips -Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating: easier to touch up using a can of Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating, available at Home Depot or Lowes. -Raw Steel: We recommend a raw steel finish if you intend to coat with a harder finish on your own.