Custom Orders

ScalerFab, Inc. offers customizable options on all of our bumpers and rock sliders. Whether it be a custom width, off-set, or design, we can help bring your ideas to life! Many of these options are available directly under each product page. However, some items may call for additional design time.

If you would like a different design other than what is offered on our site (i.e. replica of photo, personal design, etc), we ask that you purchase the below Custom Order Deposit. Under this product, you can upload pictures of your desired design, along with custom measurements and order information. Please include as much of the following as possible with your deposit:


-Body/Chassis Info
-Measurement (in mm) from top of frame rails to body
-Measurement (in mm) from front of frame rail to front of body

Rock Sliders:

-See pictures for measuring instructions

**PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 4-6 WEEKS FOR FULL CUSTOM ORDERS. T(this does not apply to any orders made through already available products. Those items will be processed in the usual 7-10 business days.

Front Bumpers: Average approx, $45-$65, depending on options (i.e. shackle mounts, fairlead mounts, etc)

Rear Bumpers: Average approx. $40-$60 depending on options

Rock Sliders: Start at approx. $35. Skid plates +$12, Double Bar +$12

For any additional questions, please e-mail us at