Team ScalerFab

We are excited to announce the 2018 Team ScalerFab Drivers!

Team Manager and 3rd-year Veteran:
Larry Morris

Our returning 2 & 3 Year Veteran Drivers:
Matt Brauer
Steve McColly
Oliver Barber
Steve Crotts
Anthony Petrone
Brenda Sumner

Kerry Adams
Steve Studstill
Brandon Barnson
Matthew Wolfe
Eric Jaquay
Steve Crotts
Mike Rowe

Throughout the year we are always watching! The number 1 thing we look for when selecting drivers is that they are already running ScalerFab products. We feel strongly that in order to represent a company, you must believe in their products. If you are not currently running ScalerFab Trail Armor then how can you truly speak to the benefits of running our products?

Finally, above all else, you must maintain a POSITIVE attitude and POSITIVE interactions on Facebook! Our drivers will not indulge in petty drama and negativity on Facebook or any other social media platforms and will always maintain a positive image while representing our brand. If you can adhere to these minimum requirements, then there may be a spot on Team ScalerFab for you in the future!